Initiated in 1991, Palm Bay became one of the most sought after British guitars produced. Made from only the best possible materials sourced for quality, Palm Bay engineered the guitars to look great, feel great, play great and sound great.

This philosophy being continued through the years improved in every aspect of the range as it grew. Originally, the guitars were custom built. The first production models were called the Typhoon, followed by the most successful UK seller, the Tidalwave.

As time went on, further models were produced, which includes the export designed Cyclone range, particularly successful in Japan. The variants include the Cyclone SE, the SE-X, the SD-X, the P6 and P7 then the P7XR and currently the P7XS which is now a UK model.

With the quality of these guitars, Palm Bay has to thank Gotoh for their kind assistance in designing and supplying hardware to suit as well as the support from DiMarzio who designed and built pick-ups. The quality of which these items helped Palm Bay to create the very distinct sound of their own.
Model Info

Guitar Manufacturer since 1991. Mostly Rock/Metal machines but also produced fixed bridge guitars, basses and Electro Acoustics.  
Main markets, UK, Europe and Japan.
Models produced:
Typhoon 1991-1999
Models: 1, 2, 3, S, Cyrka (Hoodlum)
Tidalwave 1991-2002
Models: 1, 2, 3, Custom, R, EXP
Cyclone 1995-Current
Models: P6, P7, SE, SE-X, SD-X, P7XR, P7XS
Pacific Bass 1999-2001 4 String
Atlantic Bass 1999-2001 4 String
Lightning 1999-2002
Models: F-3, F-2, F-1
KG-20 1995-1997
WG-30 1997-2002
FC-8 2012-2014
Tempest 2014-Current
Avalanche XX 1 and 2 2015-Current


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