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Early 90s


A well-known Hampshire-based band asked to be 'endorsed' and have a couple of guitars made.

It was agreed that the guitars would be produced, for cost, as a one-off commission.


At this point it was decided that a brand name and logo* should be established.

These guitars ended up being the first version of the latterly-named Tidal Wave and first foray into bolder finishes.


These were the peak times for UK production.

A dedicated production facility and offices in Hampshire were established along with a full-time team

Demand was higher than production could cope with.


The guitarist of the UK band Paradise Lost made contact, requesting a left-handed guitar to be made for use in a video shoot. The guitar needed to be “waterproof”! Andrew obliged and made a fully functional guitar, which was used in the “Widow” video from the band’s 1993 Icon album.

* See later page for details


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