Early 90s


The Basingstoke-based band Sarajevo made contact. They had seen the advert for parts in a guitar magazine and heard on the grapevine of the guitars that Andrew had previously made. They asked to be sponsored and have a couple of guitars made. It was agreed that the guitars would be produced, for cost, as a one-off commission.


At this point it was decided that a brand name and logo* should be established.

These guitars ended up being the first version of the latterly-named

Tidal Wave and first foray into bolder finishes.

One of the guitars was to be “bright pink” because the guitarist wanted to

annoy the singer who hated anything pink. The other guitar was green and

both were used in the band’s video for opening song of their 1992 album.


These were the peak times for UK production.

A dedicated production facility and offices in Hampshire were established.

Staff included a full-time sales rep and 7 additional people working in the

factory. Demand was higher than production could cope with.


The guitarist of the UK band Paradise Lost made contact, requesting a

left-handed guitar to be made for use in a video shoot. The guitar needed

to be “waterproof”! Andrew obliged and made a fully functional guitar,

which was used in the “Widow” video from the band’s 1993 Icon album.

* See later page for details


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