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The name & logo

Palm Bay: the name

The short answer to the origin of the name: holidays to America and an interest in American football.

Visiting friends that lived in Tampa, Florida, led to the attendance of American football.
The “Bay” part of the name is simply a nod to the favoured local team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


The “Palm” part of name is simply a reference to palm trees, as seen in abundance on these Florida trips.

The name, despite coincidence, does not relate to the town Palm Bay in Florida (or anywhere else).

Palm Bay: the logo

The original logo was drafted by hand.

This early logo appeared on the first wave of hand-made models and was typically silver or gold.

Later versions were in an outline style.

Circa 1994 it was decided that this logo was too “flowery” and unclear, so a more straight-forward, bold version needed to be made. But the new logo did not appear until later.


In 1995, a new logo design was drafted by hand and sent to the local printing company that was being used at that time. They finalised the design and produced printing sheets.

It wasn’t until 1996 that this new logo was introduced - on a new guitar model with an adjusted, straighter headstock - the Cyclone.


headstock collage.png


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