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Before Palm Bay

Aged about 20, Andrew made himself a guitar for use in his band. 
The intention for the guitar was simple: to be smashed up on stage à la Pete Townsend.

It took about a year-and-a-half to build but the end result was better than the guitars Andrew could otherwise afford at the time.


The guitar was not smashed up.


After quitting his job, Andrew decided to make himself another guitar, many years after his first effort.

He was also asked to make a guitar for a friend.

Both guitars were bought by friends, one of which worked in the local music store.

These guitars featured the early “hockey stick” headstock design and Strat-style cutaway body.

This was the first incarnation of what would later become the Typhoon, which had a slightly straightened headstock.


At this point, Andrew decided to continue making neck, bodies and sourcing guitar parts with a view to

selling them on. With the exception of a couple of commissions, full guitar production was not of interest.

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