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2012 and beyond...


After 3-years of research into overseas production facilities, a factory in South Korea was eventually commissioned. Their first production was the brand-new Cyclone P7-XR model.

This factory has been utilised ever since.


For several years the Cyclone remained the only ongoing range.

Demand resulted in another range of acoustic guitars to be produced; the FC-8 (forearm cutaway).


Again, fuelled by demand, the electric guitar range was expanded.

The current core offering was established across 3 electric ranges: Cyclone, Tempest and Avalanche.


Following the purchase ​of a Palm Bay Cyclone, having been so genuinely impressed with the guitar, Tim made contact with Andrew. Having spent 10 years in the UK Musical Instrument industry, and as a gigging musician,
he was keen to know more about the guitars and the company.

It transpired that the two lived within 20 miles of each other at the time, so a meeting was arranged.

Following several more meetings, and wider developments in general circumstances and overall timing,
the opportunity for Andrew to retire and Palm Bay Guitars to carry on with a new owner was realised.


Under new ownership, Palm Bay Guitars starts a new chapter.

The intention... to develop and grow this niche UK guitar company from the foundations and ethos set out
over 25 years ago: produce a range of inspiring guitars that look, sound and feel amazing.

You are invited to share your thoughts and experiences. Please get in touch.


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