Cyclone A and B 1995

The Cyclone range, initiated in late 1994, codenamed P6 and P7 (Prototype No.6 and No.7) then called the Cyclone 'A' and 'B' were originally designed for the Japanese marketplace. It quickly became very popular there and several new models were introduced, including the Cyclone SE, the Cyclone SE-X, bit controversial, and the Cyclone SD-X.

For the UK market, approximately 1997 onwards, the Cyclone P-7 range evolved to include the Cyclone P7XR in 2005 and the Cyclone P7XS in 2012.

The Cyclone was always designed and built to be Palm Bay Guitars flagship model.

The Cyclone P-7 range was the first model in the range to be as successful as the earlier Tidalwave model Cyclone P-7 Circa 2000

The Cyclone P-7 was the first UK market Cyclone model to be built in any quantity, and to be as popular as the earlier Tidalwave model.

Cyclone P7XR Circa 2005
Lightning F-1 Circa 2000

The Lightning model was a hard tail guitar produced in early 2000 and was destined to become a popular design. Three models were produced, the F-1, the F-2 and the F-3.  Only 12 guitars in total were finally made.

Note the rather non Palm Bay like headstock. Very much liked though.

Palm Bay Atlantic and Pacific 4 string active Bass

The Atlantic and Pacific basses were produced also around 2000 but they were not continued due to demand for the new model Typhoon, Tidalwave and Cyclone models causing production to focus more on the six string guitar models. However, these were lightweight, smaller bodied bass guitars, had a 24 fret 2 octave neck. active circuitry and great playability. Possibly something which may be produced again in the future.

The Atlantic bass was an all natural wood finish and the Pacific Bass was a high gloss and multi colour finish. The solid colour model never made production and the yellow prototype in the picture is the one and only of it's type in existence.

WG-30 Electro Acoustic

The WG-30 was our most successful Electro Acoustic guitar which had a curved back instead of the more common bowl back.

Still needing to be different, our later FC-8 had a forearm cutaway making it much more comfortable to play.

Tidalwave EXP

The Tidalwave was probably Palm Bay's best selling guitar in the 90's and early 2000's. This guitar had many variants through the years to include the Tidalwave 1, 2, 3 and Custom. Then there was the Tidalwave EXP destined for the Japanese market. Lastly the Tidalwave S arrived late 1999 to 2001.

Typhoon 3

The Typhoon was the first complete guitar that Palm Bay Guitars ever produced and although it was eclipsed somewhat by the Tidalwave, it was nevertheless a very successful guitar. This model ran from being unnamed in 1992 (the Typhoon name came in 1993) until 2001. One year longer than the Tidalwave which only came into production in 1993. The models included the 1, 2 and 3 plus the Typhoon S and the Cyrca model with the Hoodlum logo and artwork hand painted by Guitarist Jan Cyrka himself.

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